Extended SMS platform from IntisTele is an effective way to optimize your business

Коммуникации и технологии >> 15.01.2021
Extended SMS platform from IntisTele is an effective way to optimize your business

About company

The organization IntisTele is a Global SMS provider Intis Telecom, which develops SMS aggregator software helping entrepreneurs optimize their business.

The company, at the request of the client, sends various mailings with products, promotions, interesting offers or messages with hidden advertising in order to attract a potential buyer to use the services or purchase any product.

As a rule, advertising is the engine of progress, and IntisTele SMS aggregators provides an opportunity to advertise products, organization, services and websites.

Activities and services

IntisTele helps clients increase the profitability of their services, websites, online stores and so on. In the advanced SMS platform, advertiser can compose high-quality mailings that are then sent to customers by email or to their mobile phones.


  • ASMSP - business optimization.
  • Gateway for bulk SMS - a service that allows you to send a huge number of messages without using a mobile device.
  • Software for text messaging - a service that allows you to instantly exchange SMS. In messages, you can use not only text, but also pictures, notes.

Why people like to use Intis Tele services

There are many reasons why the SMS platform has gained popularity and customer confidence. These include the effectiveness of mailings, the low price for using the program, and others.

People like IntisTele for the following reasons:

  1. Confidentiality and retention of personal data. The organization does not report or share information about clients with other companies, therefore, no one can find out that the client has used the services of the service.
  2. Low price of services.
  3. The effectiveness of mailing information. When using this service, the client receives new customers, visitors and profits.
  4. Convenient site interface. Information is conveniently located on the site, it is easy to familiarize yourself with the necessary rules and service pages.
  5. Profitable loyalty program. The program is that any client who invites a friend to use the service will receive 10% of the referral's top-up amount. That is, human can earn real money from the program.
  6. Great solution for SMS gateway for websites. That is, messages can be sent to any network, receiving traffic.
  7. The work is carried out all over the world.