Laser Optics and optics mirrors

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Laser Optics and optics mirrors

Optical lenses and probe lens

The quality of the lenses and the accuracy of the installation depends on their action in the optical device. ARO manufactures optics and lenses of all types according to your drawings.Materials: optical and quartz glass, crystals of calcium fluoride CaF2, magnesium fluoride MgF2, silicon Si, germanium Ge, gallium arsenide GaAs, sapphire Al2O3, sodium chloride NaCl, potassium bromide KBr, potassium chloride KCLLenses diameter: 4 to 500 mmShape: round, square, rectangular, elliptical, etc.Accuracy of surface manufacturing: N = 0.2-5 depends on the type of material and a combination of other parametersSurface finish: P = II-IV (depends on the dimensions of the part)Manufacturing of flat mirrorsAt the request of the customer, to increase the transmittance and significantly reduce the reflection of light from the lens, multilayer dielectric antireflection coatings can be applied to the lens surface.

Optics mirrors and curved mirror

Optical mirrors are designed to reflect a given wavelength or wavelength range and are used in many industries.A properly selected structure of optical coatings makes it possible to obtain optical mirrors with high reflectance characteristics, as well as optical mirrors with high radiation resistance and resistance.The specialists of our company will be happy to help in the manufacture of optical mirrors for your applications and tasks.ARO produces optics mirrors and curved mirrors of any wavelength range and with many coatings.

Laser Optics

The substrate is converted into Laser Optics when a dielectric coating is applied to it. Due to a large number of possible substrate and coating combinations, one optics rarely resembles another. Contact us directly and together we can develop a product that suits your needs. ARO is engaged in the creation of laser optics with all kinds of dielectric coatings, with high beam conductivity and different variations of custom settings. Depending on the final purpose of this optical device, we can select all the necessary parameters personally for your order.