Russian books and presents in one online store -

Культура >> 08.12.2017
Russian books and presents in one online store -
If you visit the Сolibri shop, you will see a variety of Russian gifts in the form of books, souvenirs and toys.

Russian fairy tales & Folk tales, Russian books

Russian fairy tales - books. The Colibri books shop offers you to buy russian books for children and adults in the US and Canada. There are online Russian fairy tales for children of different ages. Rich collection of traditional Russian folktales. The Russian Books are send out worldwide including USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia.

Interactive Stuffed Toys - Plush, Soft Toys - Russian speaking toys & dolls. The store sells Russian Stuffed Toys & Speaking Toys. There is an Russian children's store where you can find a rich collection of Russian toys.

The souvenirs in Colibri are wonderful. In the store they are called gifts from Russia. Tell me, what baby girl will abandon such a cute casket, in which you can put all your little secrets?

In the store you will find: Russian goods for children, children's books and toys, household goods: Gift sets of cookware "Khokhloma", "Gzhel", world-famous faberge egg and nested dolls, Pavlovsky Posad shawls, products and boxes from birch bark, Russian souvenirs and gifts.

If you enjoy giving presents, then you should not deny yourself this pleasure only because there is no serious reason. Gifts strengthen relationships, encourage, create a pleasant aftertaste after a bright event - we need smiles and a good mood of loved ones every day, and not just for great holidays. So just arrange a Boxing Day whenever you want.

And if you prefer to receive presents, then, of course, you know that you deserve a gift like no other. And even chose the right thing, it remains to wait, when it will be presented ... or you can not wait and make a gift for yourself!

Christmas and New Year gifts ❄ Christmas gifts

Until the New Year there is nothing left - it's time to start preparing for it! This is an amazing store for this!

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