Houston immigration Lawyers: H1B work visa to the USA

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Houston immigration Lawyers: H1B work visa to the USA

The H1B visa is a work visa. It is worth knowing from houston h1b lawyer about the possible reasons for refusal. The main feature of the H1B visa is that it is not issued individually, but is requested by the American employer. This requires certification from the Ministry of Labor. The employer submits an employment registration application and fills out the ETA 9035E form.

Assurances to the foreign worker

Filling out this form with the assistance usa e visa immigration lawyer in houston texas gives certain assurances to the foreign worker:

  • full salary - the employee's income is specified in the application;
  • receipt of a particular position;
  • ensuring the proper workplace and working conditions;
  • notification of any changes in the labor certification. When applying, the employer indicates the position that requires an H1B visa, the number of applicants, and proof that the conditions of employment and payment meet those of U.S. citizens. Employees of companies and unions must be notified that they have hired foreign workers, a fact that must also be confirmed.

Several other H1B benefits

An H1B visa holder, in addition to a well-paid official job with a foreign company, has some other benefits:

  • The possibility to find another employer when you leave the company and arrange transfer - this is given 2 weeks;
  • maintaining visa status in case of illness or during vacation;
  • the employer pays the costs of sending the former employee to the host country;
  • close relatives of an H1B visa holder may be in the United States with an H-4 visa; they have the right to attend educational institutions and obtain a driver's license after passing the appropriate test, but are not eligible to work in the United States;
  • have the option of obtaining a Green Card applying to Immigration lawyer Houston (although an H1B visa is not an immigrant visa);
  • the ability to travel within and outside the United States during the visa period, unless it interferes with your work;
  • the ability to buy a house and invest in securities.

H1B visa holder has some limitations:

  • The period of validity of a visa is limited, although under certain circumstances it will be possible to stay in the United States;
  • it is prohibited to work for a third party, freelance or self-employment;
  • it is not allowed to change the sphere of activity.

Visa Requirements for Applicants

The H1B visa applicant must meet certain requirements:

  • Degree not lower than a bachelor's degree or to compensate for her work experience in a particular field - 3 years of experience is
  • equivalent to one year of study at a higher education institution;
  • the academic record must meet the requirements for the profession as adopted in the United States;
  • ability to meet the requirements for the professional level.